The Beginning

The Beginning

Last summer, on a mid-July evening, I came up with the name Lavender Skincare Co. I wasn't sure what I would sell or how I would make it, but I knew that it would involve lavender... a couple months later I had a business license purchased and a few products ready for sale. I was afraid to tell anyone what I was working on because I knew I would be told "this is just a hobby" and "why don't you start out selling to friends & family?" I probably should have started this as a casual hobby, but when I have an idea I like to go all out, so I spent weeks designing a logo, creating business cards, and building a website. I began researching recipes, collecting ingredients along the way, and started formulating my own products.

To be fair, this is technically still a hobby because it's something I enjoy doing in my spare time (yes I still have a "day job"), and my customers in the first few months were literally just my friends and family, but I take this as seriously as any other job I have had, if not more. I have finally found something I am passionate about (and frankly I'm a little obsessed). Every morning I wake up with new ideas, and every night I go to bed thinking about my latest creation. It's a never-ending process but I love it.

Since last summer, I have had to ask myself these questions: What makes Lavender Skincare Co. different from all the other natural skincare companies out there? Why do I think this business will be successful when there are so many other emerging companies making the same kinds of products? What do I have to offer that my competitors are not already offering?

And I must admit, I have never been the competitive type, so these questions have been difficult for me to answer. The truth is, I only came up with the idea for this business because I was sick of buying over-priced bath and beauty products that were full of misleading, chemical-laden ingredients. I was sick of spending money on products that didn't work. I was sick of of using products that were irritating my skin. So what was the solution here? To make my own, of course! I wasn't thinking about how to market my products or get ahead of competitors or be better than any other company. I just knew that I was capable of creating products that were safe to use on my own skin and I was determined to share them with others.

So why do I think I will be successful with this new business? I know there are countless numbers of like-minded individuals like myself who are trying to live a natural & healthy lifestyle, but are getting frustrated with all the products out there that a) are made with natural ingredients yet aren't effective, b) claim they are natural, but are full of toxic ingredients & still aren't effective, or c) are natural & effective but highly overpriced. My goal is to provide all natural, effective products that are affordable, and I will only use simple, easy-to-find ingredients so that if you have the motivation and time to make them yourself, I will help you. Yes, you read that right- I will send you my recipes with a list of ingredients and tell you how to make these products yourself. The thing is, most people are too busy and would prefer to buy them already made. That's where Lavender Skincare Co. comes in :) Everything on this website is priced under $20 so you can have safe & simple products in your home without spending too much. Your health and wellness is important, but I do not want it to cost you a fortune, and it truly doesn't have to.

I am sincerely passionate about ridding our homes of toxins and instead filling them with natural, safe, effective solutions for our everyday needs. Please know that I carefully choose each ingredient and test it on myself before sharing it with you, but if you ever have any sensitivities or issues with my products, reach out to me and I may be able to substitute certain ingredients to make it better for you. I am always open to new ideas :) Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook @LavenderSkincareCo and share this with anyone who is interested. 

Thank you to all of you that have supported me so far on this journey, and to those who will perhaps join me now. Take care :)

Lexi @ Lavender Skincare Co.


I love the lipbalm (every flavor) and my skin is so soft from the whipped body butter. I have been telling all my friends. Keep the ideas rolling! I can’t wait to see what come next. :)


I love your story and your commitment to safe and natural products. I really like the body butter and lip balm. Awesome products, generous sizes, affordable prices, and great packaging. So proud of you Lexi, looking forward to trying more in the future. Keep up the great work.

Anna Keown

Very nice introduction to your company & so professional! Loved your first blog, I need to order some of your new hair balm for my flyaways. I wish you great success & am very proud of your simple well- organized launch of products & a business you are clearly passionate about! Doing what you love never feels like work, right? Love you💜

Mary Rose

Soo good!
I’m proud of you Lexi! It’s so wonderful to hear your heart. Keep pressing forward!!! Your website is fabulous!!

Tracie Millar

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